Hello again all my NHRA.com Nitroholics. This is the big week. The week it all comes down to. The week where the final act unfolds. Will you be there with me to see it happen? @NHRA couldn’t have asked for a better championship hunt with multiple cars in both nitro classes with a shot at the 2011 championships. It’s going to be a really exciting week. It should be a lot of fun, but honestly, I’d rather be Jason Line at this point where my only worry is writing an acceptance speech. LOL

Just a quick blog disclaimer, I’m going to do some “Twitterisms” since I’m becoming a Twitter junkie. You’ll see some # and @ in this blog. My DSR teammate Ron Capps is very good on Twitter. His handle is @NAPARonCapps and he’s a funny guy, so follow him. If you don’t follow me, I’m @AntronBrownTF and I’m closing in on 4,000 followers, so help the brothaman out.

It was a beautiful weekend in Indy and I made the most of it. I even got to sneak away for a little bit and make some test laps on my RC Boats. There’s a big boat race the weekend after the Finals at Pomona, and I want to make sure my boats are right and tight for the boat races in Louisiana. Saturday night was a big night for my wife. Being a loyal Cajun, she was all decked out in purple for the #LSU/#Alabama game. We met up with some friends at Buffalo Wild Wings in Brownsburg and it was packed. Normally it’s only that busy for the @UFC fights, but I guess everyone want to watch the top two teams in the country slug it out. And slug they did. It was an ugly game on offense, but those boys can play some defense, and my wife left a happy girl after the Tigers won 9-6 in OT. She was cheering GEAUX Tigers on the ride home!

It’s Monday hoops night for me and then home to watch my #Eagles take on the #Bears on Monday Night Football on @ESPN. This is a big game for the E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles as they look to get back to .500 at 4-4 and make a run in the NFC East. Those Giants had a big win at New England yesterday, so this is a huge game for the Eagles. Lesean McCoy is a bad boy for the #Eagles, so check out @CutonDime25 tonight.

This afternoon I did my fatherly duty and made a stop at the shop to pass out Boy Scouts popcorn to the employees bought from my oldest son, Anson. Since Anson was at school, my youngest, Adler, helped me pass out the goodies @shoeracing. I Tweeted and posted this photo on my Facebook Fan Page, so make sure you follow AB on FB also. The office always likes when Adler shows up to say hi.

We head off to Pomona on Wednesday to get ready for qualifying on Thursday afternoon. Pomona has that goofy run once on Thursday and Friday format and it’s hard to get momentum going with only one run the first two days, so we need to throw it down on Thursday and make a good lap and get in the show on the first run. It’s going to be very cool and Pomona is a fast race track. As I like to say, the conditions are going to be “Triple A Throwdown.” That’s an Antronism. LOL

Before I go, I have to give a shout out to my boy @StrokerAceKid on Twitter. I meet Jason at Las Vegas. He was hanging out with us for the weekend at his first NHRA race and he had a great time. He flat out says, NHRA is way better than NASCAR. Talk to me! Also, @sremerson, @nitrojohn and @thejayselig are big NHRA supporters so follow them too.

With that, it’s time for some love, peace and hair grease, and the brothaman is out like shout.

God bless.