Qualified: No. 2 (first choice of lane)

The Competition:
No. 7 Brittany Force
No. 10 Scott Palmer
No. 15 Dom Lagana

The Results: 
Q1: Session cancelled due to inclement weather
Q2: 3.725 E.T. at 327.03 MPH (Two bonus points for second quickest run of the session)
Q3: 4.652 E.T. at 162.12 MPH
Q4: 3.777 E.T. at 328.22 MPH

Bonus Points: Two

“We are just trying to get better every day and that has been our focus. The conditions this weekend have been a little tricky, but we had a really good run on Friday night and a solid run in Q4 today. Getting a good qualifying position in the Four-Wides really helps in the first round. Now we need to go rounds tomorrow. If you can get to the finals, it’s anybody’s game.”