Qualified: No. 3 (lane choice)

The Competition: No.14 Jim Maroney

The Results: 
Q1: 3.855 E.T. at 323.19 MPH (Two bonus points for second quickest run of the session)
Q2: 3.744 E.T. at 327.43 MPH (One bonus point for third quickest run of the session)
Q3: 4.855 E.T. at 152.97 MPH
Q4: 4.622 E.T. at 162.63 MPH

Bonus Points: Three

“We just tried to back it down again and we just need to back it down a little more tomorrow. We’re staying aggressive. I’m just proud of our Matco Tools/U.S. Army/Toyota guys. We’re in our best qualifying position in a while, so we’re going to go into race day tomorrow and keep on pushing. I’m really happy. It’s good to be here at the Toyota Sonoma Nationals and we’re going to see what we can make happen on race day. All we need to do is back it down and slow it down and everything’s going to be just fine.”