POMONA, Calif. (Feb. 11, 2017) – Antron Brown and the Matco Tools/U.S. Army team were flashy to open the season as the three-time world champ and winner of the past two prestigious titles, but they were consistent and that’s how crew chiefs Brian Corradi and Mark Oswald like it.

“Today was a solid day and we’ll take being the third quickest car in our third race,” Brown said.

“The first run we went out there and did exactly what we wanted to. Brian and Mark saw a couple of things they wanted to try for this last session, so they backed off on a couple of things. The car didn’t run exactly like we wanted to. We just need to get it going a little earlier.

“Don’t get me wrong, we would’ve liked to have run a 3.66 or .67, and Leah (Pritchett) had a great number with a .67 and Dougie (Kalitta) had a better run than that going but he didn’t make it all the way. We’re right where we need to be and keep on improving upon it.”


ANTRON BROWN: Matco Tools/U.S. Army

Crew chiefs: Brian Corradi, Mark Oswald;  car chief Brad Mason

First round opponent: Steve Chrisman

Qualified: No. 3


FRIDAY: 3.732 sec., 323.27 mph, (Session 1); rained out, (Session 2)

SATURDAY: 3.695, 328.06, (Session 3); 3.715, 326.95, (Session 4)