Drag Racing

Brian “Chief” Corradi

Birthplace: Cleveland, OH
Residence: Medina, OH
Birth Date: February 26, 1967
Position: Co-Crew Chief
Wife: Jackie
Sons: Nick and Sean
Hobbies: Hunting, Racing, Riding Quads

Drag Racing

Mark “Ice Man” Oswald

Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH
Residence: Houma, LA
Birth date: October 31, 1952
Position: Co-Crew Chief
Marital Status: Single
Sons: Justin
Hobbies: Machinist, Racing, fishing

Drag Racing

Brad “Terminator” Mason

Birthpace: Sparta, MO
Residence: Brownsburg, IN
Birth date: Oct. 10, 1975
Position: Asst. Crew Chief
Wife: Amy
Daughter: Kylie
Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting

Drag Racing

Wayne “Red” Waite

Birthplace: Elyria, OH
Residence: Indianapolis, IN
Birth date: Nov. 24, 1980
Position: Car Chief/Rods and Pistons/Truck Driver
Wife: Gabby
Daughter: Annabelle
Hobbies: Go-karting, models, racing

Drag Racing

Bryan Tschirhart

Birthplace: San Antonio, TX
Residence: Brownsburg, IN
Birth date: May 26, 1967
Position: Short blocks/Bottom End/Truck driver
Wife: Lorraine
Son: Cory
Daugther: Kristin
Hobbies: Home Brewing

Drag Racing

Chris Watson

Position: Clutch
Birthdate: 7-2-82
9 years at DSR
Hometown: Brownfield, Maine
Residence: Danville, Ind.
Children: Ava, Colin

Drag Racing

Kyle Weekley

Position: Cylinder Heads
Birthdate: 1-1-86
8 years at DSR
Hometown: Lima, Ohio
Residence: Avon, Ind.

Drag Racing

Matt Sackman

Position: Clutch assistant/tires
Birthdate: 4-30-93
2 years at DSR
Hometown: Channahon, Ill.
Residence: Brownsburg, Ind.

Drag Racing

Aaron “Dinger” Hess

Position: Supercharger
Birthdate: 8-16-88
Hometown: St. Henry, Ohio
Residence: Indianapolis