Qualified: No. 3 (lane choice)

The Competition: No. 10 Buddy Hull

Bonus Points: Two

The Results: 
Q1: 3.724 E.T. at 326.71 MPH (Two bonus points for second-quickest run of the session)
Q2: 4.781 E.T. at 155.81 MPH
Q3: 4.400 E.T. at 180.98 MPH

“We qualified well with that good .72 run right out of the box on Friday night. We definitely wanted to take it A to B on the Saturday runs, but we were pushing hard to better our qualifying position. We’ll go into race day as the No. 3 qualifier and take it one round at a time. We’ve got Buddy Hull first round and we need to make a good, clean lap. We’ll get set up for race day now. Qualifying is over. We’re in a good spot and we’re pumped up to get going on race day. We’ve done well here. Sonoma has always been a really good, kind track to us and we want to do well here again.”